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We are super happy to introduce our upcoming newsletter, The Skills! We think that most cookbooks are mere collections of recipes, which is fine, but we want to teach people how to cook, not follow a list of ingredients. With that in mind we are going to be posting a weekly newsletter starting in January where we break down cooking into bite-sized, organized chunks. We'll be teaching you core cooking mechanics and no matter how skilled you are now, we promise you will learn something new and improve your skills as a cook through the lessons that we'll be teaching!

By subscribing you will get one newsletter each Monday that is content-rich, no banner ads, no popups, just pure skill-oriented goodness.  We'll spend the first chapters of the newsletters working on the core mechanics that ALL cooks must master, the how and why and when of cooking. Once we've covered the core we'll move on to food-specific skills based around various types of foods. Will there be recipes? Of course, lots of them. But the recipes will only be in the newsletters as examples of tasty things you can cook to try out your new skills.

This will be a fun journey and we're stoked about setting out on this path. Before long we'll have enough material gathered for... I don't know... a cookbook? Maybe. :) 

Fill out the form below and sign up today! See you in the emails!

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