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Who wants a giveaway? You do? OK THEN! You are at the right place. We are officially giving away a tall stack of author-signed cookbooks (all of which we picked up at the NYC Wine and Food Festival!) along with other things. Well, the core of any giveaway is how do you enter, right? What things do you have to do to get in? Well, here's the list...

1. Get one of our logo items (a shopping bag, t-shirt, polo, etc, whatever) and appear in one of our cooking schools wearing/showing off the logo item. That's one entry into the contest.

2. Cook along with us displaying the logo item from above and that's a second entry!

3. For some contests we'll be looking for a specific photo (like farthest distance from NYC or such) in which case the first person wins or whatever. Just pay attention to month-to-month contests for details.

4. All of those things add up to your total entries into the monthly contests.

5. Each month we'll pick a winner. That winner will choose one gift item from the booty chest and we'll ship it to their lucky selves!

6. After the winner is picked the entry list will be cleared and we start the whole thing over again next month!

7. What if I can't buy/purchase/steal one of your logo items? Just download our logo here and use it instead. Seriously. No purchase required means just that. Honestly!


First Giveaway: 

  • Start making entries (see above) on Oct 17th
  • Giveaway by random drawing on Oct 31st (need not be present to win!)
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