img 0110-2aHello my name is Lee Allison, and welcome to my kitchen!

Here at The Social Skillet we offer you the opportunity to interact with the chef (me!), learn new dishes, meet new people and gain valuable new kitchen skills... all from your own kitchen.

Thanks to some innovative and extremely user-friendly videoconferencing software we'll be able to chat and laugh together while learning new cooking techniques. Its like having your own personal chef-tutor! The whole time we'll be interacting just as if we were visiting each other's kitchens. 

You can join me and cook fantastic new meals from your kitchen at home, knowing that you have a steady hand leading you through the intricacies of the dish. During the course of the classes I'll be taking your questions, explaining techniques and talking about ingredients, all in a no-pressure environment that you will feel at home in, because you are at home.

Are we expensive? Absolutely not. For starters, all of our Cooking School classes are free with videos posted up here after the fact. And our weekend Skills Sessions are reasonably priced considering the depth of knowledge you'll be gaining during the three hour course.

And if your cousin/brother/sister/friend is halfway across the world? Invite them in as well and we'll all raise a glass, fire up the oven and cook with each other. You will be amazed at this fantastic, interactive learning technique.

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