Tasty, tasty home fries. Hard to find a better comfort food and almost impossible to find one that is more versatile than this one! Want to learn how easy these are? How simple? Follow our simple guide below and in less than thirty minutes you can go from a cold kitchen to serving. Nummy!


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Ahhh, boeuf bourguignon. To borrow a phrase (let alone a whole recipe!) from the Grand Dame herself it is, “one of the most delicious beef dishes concocted by man.” This is one shining example of many where what was originally a peasant dish has been elevated to fine dining and for good reason. On the other hand this is also considered a hard dish and usually ends up on lists of some of the hardest to cook. For the life of me I can’t figure out why, this is as easy as it gets.




These are the Best. Damn. ‘Snaps. Gingersnaps! What do I mean by best damn gingersnaps? Just exactly that, they are the ones you will come back to year after year after year. Full of bright, warm ginger flavor, covered in deep cracks, dark brown and soooooo tasty. Plus I’m going to teach you how to dial them in exactly the way you want them, if you like your snaps crisp like a saltine cracker with lots of crunch then you can do that, on the other hand if you like more of a graham cracker ‘soft’ chew to them then you can have them that way too. Like I said, Best. Damn. Period.


BBQ Chicken

Today we're talking about BBQ chicken! And since in about two hours I will be guest chef on Mark-John Clifford's World Diabetic Kidz Day website I've decided that this particular chicken needs to be super healthy and diabetic-friendly. So how do we manage that? Simple, we go back to a group known for simpler, healthier lifestyles... the Shakers.


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