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BBQ Chicken

Today we're talking about BBQ chicken! And since in about two hours I will be guest chef on Mark-John Clifford's World Diabetic Kidz Day website I've decided that this particular chicken needs to be super healthy and diabetic-friendly. So how do we manage that? Simple, we go back to a group known for simpler, healthier lifestyles... the Shakers.



We've had several folks ask us about good cookbooks for people who are newer to cooking or need some help with the basics. We've put together a quick list of many of the better-reviewed general purpose cookbooks. We hope you all enjoy!



As you all know we've been running our Grand Giveaway here on the Skillet for the past week or so. Our fans have been getting entries (they can have as many as they want!) by attending cooking schools, cooking along with us and various other things. See the Giveaway page for full details. 

Well, in the past week we've already had almost FIFTY entries made and more coming up every week! We'll be doing our first Giveaway drawing on Halloween and posting the winner's name into our stream, so watch there Monday evening for updates! Here's the collected list of entries so far...


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