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Who wants a giveaway? You do? OK THEN! You are at the right place. We are officially giving away a tall stack of author-signed cookbooks (all of which we picked up at the NYC Wine and Food Festival!) along with other things. Well, the core of any giveaway is how do you enter, right? What things do you have to do to get in? Well, here's the list...


img 0110-2aHello my name is Lee Allison, and welcome to my kitchen!

Here at The Social Skillet we offer you the opportunity to interact with the chef (me!), learn new dishes, meet new people and gain valuable new kitchen skills... all from your own kitchen.

Thanks to some innovative and extremely user-friendly videoconferencing software we'll be able to chat and laugh together while learning new cooking techniques. Its like having your own personal chef-tutor! The whole time we'll be interacting just as if we were visiting each other's kitchens. 

You can join me and cook fantastic new meals from your kitchen at home, knowing that you have a steady hand leading you through the intricacies of the dish. During the course of the classes I'll be taking your questions, explaining techniques and talking about ingredients, all in a no-pressure environment that you will feel at home in, because you are at home.




Because we got our own!! To what, you might ask? How about nothing less than the upcoming NYC Wine and Food Festival!

 Yeah, baby! We will be attending several events (I heard that Emeril himself will be taking us on a tour of Chelsea Market!) and jamming our G+ stream with all sorts of foodie-related coverage all weekend long. So if you hate food, hate great food and don't like cooking-stuffs then please uncircle us now. :)

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