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The Classic Cuts

This week is all about the classic cuts. These cuts mostly come from French cuisine and can be found in texts coming all the way back from the 1700 - 1800s.These have been used for hundreds of years by chefs everywhere. Once again this is a “Do it this way” newsletter as the recipe calls for a chiffonade not a shred for a reason. No need to take notes on these. We will give you a nice info-graphic to print out and put on the fridge.

Without further adieu [uh-do] the classic cuts!




Tasty, tasty home fries. Hard to find a better comfort food and almost impossible to find one that is more versatile than this one! Want to learn how easy these are? How simple? Follow our simple guide below and in less than thirty minutes you can go from a cold kitchen to serving. Nummy!


Basic Knife Skills

Hello and welcome to the third installment of “The Skills”. Last week we introduced you to your most commonly used tool in the kitchen … your knife. We went over what you want to look for in a knife, the different styles of knives, and why you want a good knife that feels right in your hands. Now what? Sure “Pointy end goes that way.” (that way meaning AWAY FROM YOURSELF) is not a bad place to start but what about after that? If you decide that you want to try a challenging recipe with your new knife, do you know the difference between a Julienne and a Chiffonade or a Rondelle and a Lozenge? (A what and a what and a what?) Fear not chefs not only will we be explaining what everything is, we will also be showing you how to do it and giving you a neat little info-graphic that you can print out and keep handy in the kitchen for quick reference (infographic is coming at the end of the knife section in two weeks). So let’s dive in to learning about each of these cuts and what they are good for.


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